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Service is about more than fixing trucks

At DeCarolis, we know that you want your truck fixed the first time. That sounds simple enough! But, what does this really mean? As trucks become more complicated, so does truck diagnosis and repair. Is it the alternator, battery, starter, a bad wire, or the ECM? No matter how much training the service staff gets, how good its tools are, or how good our vendors are, this challenge will always be there.

Over and over again, we meet that challenge. We pride ourselves on asking the driver the right questions, asking for help from our own people and vendors, being thorough, recognizing when a problem is beyond the norm, and being honest with our customers.

Beyond fixing it the first time, we ensure that you do not have to bring the truck back to the shop down the road unnecessarily. After we have performed our preventive maintenance and written the follow-up inspection, we fix everything that may need repairs between now and the next scheduled service. If the brakes or tires pass inspection or fall within DeCarolis standards, but we are not sure if they will make it to the next scheduled service, they are replaced. We do everything we can to fix problems on the spot in order to eliminate a trip back to the shop. In the end, that saves time and money.

We offer two packages to service your vehicles (Click the links below):

    Customized Maintenance Agreements
    Full Service Maintenance 


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