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Customized Maintenance Agreements   

What is a CMA?

  • CMA (Customized Maintenance Agreement) is a tailor-made package designed by DeCarolis to provide preventive maintenance for your vehicles.
  • CMA guarantees your vehicles will receive the best maintenance service available by our expert mechanics.  When problems are detected late, repairs can be expensive.  Purchasing a CMA will reduce the likelihood of expensive repairs and ultimately extend the life of your vehicles.  You will also be entitled to reduced rates on repairs and substitute or extra vehicles, if needed.
  • At DeCarolis, your vehicles will receive thorough inspections and the number of checks we do will be above and beyond the numbers offered by other Maintenance plans.  More significantly, the service checks provided under our CMA are based on the preventive maintenance program we use for our own vehicles.  Our outstanding safety record and "uptime" is a good indication of the effectiveness of our preventive maintenance program.
  • In addition to reduced rates on repairs, you will be entitled to discounts on emergency road service, fuel, and operating supplies, including tires and parts.
  • There are many benefits.  However, the largest benefit is that each time your vehicles are serviced, over 100 safety and reliability items will be checked.  This thorough service includes oils and lubricants.
  • The CMA is a very popular and effective program for many DeCarolis customers.  The majority of customers who have purchased a CMA have renewed their contracts annually.  A list of references is available for your review.

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