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Is your company planning to add or replace trucks in the near future?

Whether your plans call for a new truck or a quality pre-owned vehicle that has been maintained to high standards by DeCarolis, you should investigate full-service truck leasing.

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Consider the following key benefits:

Financial benefits

  • Conserves cash
  • Does not require an initial investment or down payment
  • Reduces debt to equity with off balance sheet financing
  • Reserves existing credit lines for your primary business
  • Operational benefits
  • Provides fuel-efficient, state-of-the-art equipment
  • Improves driver retention
  • Schedules regular preventative maintenance
  • Reduces downtime, with 24-hour road service and substitute vehicles

Administrative benefits
The DeCarolis truck leasing team . . .

  • Handles all fuel tax reporting, licensing, and permitting
  • Keeps on file all DOT maintenance records
  • Gives you ONE invoice for all services
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