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Overview of Services   

For nearly 80 years, DeCarolis Truck Rental has provided transportation resources and solutions to thousands of customers from various industries across Western and Central New York.  In addition to truck rental and leasing, the company offers the highest level of specialized transportation services.  Business customers can receive contract maintenance or full service maintenance services for their trucks and trailers, heavy duty parts, equipment, and accessories.  DeCarolis can provide solutions at the level you choose.

Our Services

Full Service Leasing - DeCarolis provides a vehicle to your specifications, and maintains the vehicle through the life of the contract. Preventive maintenance, and regular consumable items are included based on your contract. Substitute vehicles may also be included based on customer need. Nationwide network of Road Service locations available to keep your vehicle running. Additional services available include Truck Mileage Tax reporting and Driver Safety evaluation. At this level of service, DeCarolis takes on all your vehicle headaches and is one call for all your vehicle needs.

Full Service Maintenance - All the services are Full Service Leasing, except the Customer provides their own vehicle.

Contract Maintenance - Customer owned vehicles can participate in our preventive maintenance program, and get a reduced rate on labor and parts. Nationwide network of Road Service locations available to keep your vehicle running as a billable service. One call to DeCarolis keeps your vehicle rolling.

Long Term Rental - Instead of purchasing, or contracting for a long period of time, the Long Term Rental program gives you the option to keep the vehicle as long as you need it. Preventive maintenance and Nationwide road service are included. A minimum number of months is requested.

Short Term Rental - For one hour to a few months, Short Term Rentals fill your need for vehicles. Many customers do not own vehicles and rent as needed. Other customers have established fleets, and supplement with rental equipment when demand warrants.

Billable Repairs - On our vehicles, we prefer to schedule preventive maintenance and do necessary repairs during those times. This minimizes the number of times a customer has unscheduled downtime. Billable repairs to customer vehicles are also provided as a service so you can get your vehicle fixed when it breaks. Full collision repairs and painting are available.  Trailer roofs, liftgate installs, frame extensions, van body swaps, floor replacement, scuff liner install, alignment, brakes, oil changes, and many other services are performed by the service department.

Heavy Duty Parts Sales - For customers who prefer to fix vehicles themselves, we have a full service parts division that provides parts to all DeCarolis locations, and delivers to customer locations every week day.  Heavy Duty Parts has a showroom and salespeople on the road directly servicing customers at their home sites.

Our Affiliations

NationaLease - DeCarolis is a member of NationaLease, participating in the Nationwide service network, so we service vehicles in our region, and members service vehicles in their region. All customers benefit from experienced members nearby to assist during downtime.

Monroe School Transportation - A wholly owned subsidiary of DeCarolis Truck Rental providing student transportation to schools and districts in the Greater Rochester area. In addition to daily student pickups and drop offs, Monroe School also provides busses for travelling sports teams, field trips, and student transport for special programs during the school day.

Monroe Transportation Services - A division of Monroe School Transporation provides charter bus service outside of student transportation.

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DeCarolis Truck Rental
Corporate Office
333 Colfax Street
Rochester, NY 14606
Phone: (800) 276-1169
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