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White Paper Outlines CSA 2010 for Drivers 

A new white paper, "CSA 2010: The Driver Impact," outlines the driver-measurement portion of the new Federal safety screening system, offering clear descriptions of what statistics will be followed and how they will affect drivers' records. CLICK HERE to review CSA 2010: The Driver Impact.

Written for drivers, the paper addresses common misperceptions about the driver portion of CSA, explaining what types of violations and information will be maintained in each driver's file and who will have access to that information. It offers tips on preparing for the start of the program later this year, as well as how to monitor and correct individual records.

The driver white paper is the second in a series from Multi Service. Issued earlier this year, "Preparing For CSA 2010: Carrier Considerations" offers a similar outline to the fleet portion of the new Federal safety program. CLICK HERE to review Preparing For CSA 2010: Carrier Considerations.

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